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Ben Dick Arms in Provo Utah

Information About Ben Dick Arms in Provo UT

Ben Dick Arms BDA Condo – Provo Utah is located at 141/161 E 700 N Provo, UT 84606.  Ben Dick Arms Condominiums are BYU Approved for females.  These Provo Condos were built in 1981 and they have 30 units. Information about Ben Dick Arms in Provo Utah Condos.

Ben-Dick Arms Condos Homeowners Association (HOA)

Ben-Dick Arms HOA Fee: $120. Please verify the current HOA fee at Ben-Dick Arms. Condo Association fees are subject to change.

ben dick arms in provo utah

BYU Honor Code

Early forms of the BYU Honor Code are found as far back as the days of the Brigham Young Academy and early school President Karl G. Maeser. Maeser created the “Domestic Organization”, which was a group of teachers who would visit students at their homes to see that they were following the schools moral rules prohibiting obscenity, profanity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. This later adapted into the current honor code policy at BYU.

I attended BYU back in the early 1990′s. I was required to sign the honor code prior to being accepted at BYU. I was greatful for the opportunity to attend a school that shared similar values to myself.  It was a privledge to attend Brigham Young University. It was nice to be at a school without alcohol, drugs, profanity and immorality. I appreciated the teachers and fellow students.  The school really has a special feeling. It is a very positive and happy environment. Just walk around campus and see for yourself.

provo utah condos

Find Condos for Sale in Provo UT Near BYU

If you are looking to buy a condo at BYU contact Paul Teasdale. Paul has been selling condos around BYU since 1995. That was before the internet and cell phones. Basically, that was a very long time ago.  Give me a call and I will give you some really sound advise about buying a condo or townhome in Provo.

ben dick arms in provo utah condos


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